Website two point zero!

31 Jul 2013 | Last updated: Never

If you didn't notice, has been redesigned! There have been aesthetic and under the hood changes.

Aestetics and WordPress to Jekyll

I've been working on several redesigns for my website since version one was launched. This is actually the ninth redesign. The website is now fully responsive, allowing you to view the website on mobile devices without having to pinch and zoom.

The backend has changed as well. I've moved away from WordPress as it was overkill for what I was using it for. I still use it to develop client websites but I have no need to use it for my own. I'm now using Jekyll, which is a static site generator. Static websites load much faster and are generally considered more secure.

Rewritten guides

I've rewritten most of my guides. I understand that I've probably broken any bookmarks that were created and I apologise for that. It won't happen again. Hopefully.

My guides are now written in paragraphs rather than bullet points as I felt writing in bullet points was tedious. Guides will be richer and longer, allowing you to learn more about each topic. Each guide also features quick steps, allowing you to take a glance at the guide before reading the whole post.

New feature: snippets

I've added a new feature to my website called snippets. Snippets are little bits of code that I use on a daily basis. Instead of keeping them on my computer, I'm going to post them on here over time. Most of them are general Unix commands and others will be quite hacky.


This is my portfolio. I want my website to be a blog rather than a portfolio so I've called the section of that website projects. My work is displayed there for those who're interested in seeing what I've been working on.

I apologise for breaking any bookmarks and I hope you enjoy the new website. Comments have been removed from the site as 90% of my old ones were spam anyway. I have a new contact form. Feel free to try it out.