• Disable Set Desktop Picture in Photos →

    04 Dec 2015

    The new Photos application came with a slew of new features, one of which is the new Share options. Among the new sharing options, there is one for setting a selected photo as the desktop wallpaper called 'Set Desktop Picture'.

  • Disable Welcome to Google Chrome →

    05 Oct 2015

    When Google Chrome is opened for the first time your users will be prompted by a dialog window named Welcome to Google Chrome.

  • Remotely boot Windows into OS X →

    11 Feb 2014

    Is there a way to boot multiple Macs from Windows into OS X remotely using nothing but another Mac? The answer is yes, Winexe!

  • Boot into OS X from Windows using the command line →

    11 Feb 2014

    Is there a way to boot multiple Macs from Windows into OS X remotely using nothing but another Mac? The answer is yes, Winexe!

  • Disable Accessibility Options shortcut →

    04 Dec 2013

    If you hold down Command, Option and F5, a window will appear that gives you accessibility options. Although this is a great feature that gives you quick and easy access to the accessibility options, you may want to disable this functionality to prevent your users from enabling options like 'Slow Keys', or 'Sticky Keys'.

  • MCX: Configure default web browser →

    23 Sep 2013

    We're going to be creating a custom launch services file, which will set the default web browser to Google Chrome. You can use the same technique for setting other web browsers as default, which I'll cover later on.

  • Boot into a Boot Camp partition as a user without administrator privileges →

    29 Aug 2013

    We'll create an application that will give our users the option of booting into Windows, and then we'll be editing our sudoers file to allow the application to run without being prompted for a password.

  • Mass install fonts →

    15 Aug 2013

    Installing a single font on a Mac is a simple process. Double clicking on the font will open it into Font Book, which will give you the option of installing the font. Clicking on 'Install Font' will copy the font into your local fonts folder, which is located within ~/Library/Fonts. However, doing this has two drawbacks.

  • Loop a PowerPoint presentation on an AppleTV →

    01 Aug 2013

    Despite everything an AppleTV can do, it's not possible to play a PowerPoint on it. Fortunately, there's a work around.

  • Hiding Applications →

    31 Jul 2013

    There are many ways to restrict applications in Mac OS X but one of the simplest methods I use is hiding applications. Hiding applications is a simple way of denying your users access to specific applications. The technique can also be used to hide folders and files.

  • Disable AirPlay Mirroring →

    31 Jul 2013

    Mac OS X Mountain Lion came with a great feature called AirPlay mirroring. It allowed any Mac created during 2011 or later to wirelessly stream their display to any AppleTVs connected to the same network as the Mac. This feature is useful at home but in a school or business environment, you may not want your users to AirPlay mirror.

  • Binding to Active Directory →

    31 Jul 2013

    Connecting Macs to Active Directory is a straight forward task. In this article, I cover the process in depth and discuss issues you may have.